The most popular laser pointer models in 2017 - 303 and 5000mw

By Josh Edward | 03 February 2017 | 16 Comments
How time flies! After Xmas and new year 2017, the first month -  January , has been passed and February has become. Let's have a close look on what changes in 2017 and the best seller models and series in the past January in the new year.

Model 303 laser pointers rock in the past month! Laser pointer 303 is a classic and familiar class 2 or 3 laser pointer model on market, many people have been bought a cat laser pointer for home use or astronomy green one in the past years, it's straight pen shape with turnable cap and safety locks, the on/off button on the middle of the body, which is a representative image of class 3 laser pointer most of time.

To change the inner structure and laser diode, the power output of model 303 could be 50mw - 500mw or even up to 1000mw, the laser beam could be green, red or blue, purple is possible. Regarding the cooling limit of it's small body shape, most 303 laser pointer is class 3 or 3b laser pens, but the cost is cheap and affordable, and it's powerful enough to light up a match with an adjusted focus. Therefore, laser pointer 303 is still the best sellers of burning laser pointer in the past month of 2017.

But 303 is definitely not a high power player pursuiting, the most powerful handheld and most popular burning laser flashlight or torch, is 5000mw blue laser pointers! To balance with portable host and highest power output, 5000mw blue laser series remain the best most powerful laser devices available so far in 2017. That explains why it's so hot in the high end burning laser pointer market.

Some new burning laser players don't understand which laser pointer 10000mw is not the hottest models, actually laser pointer hobbists all know that a portable laser flashlight is impossible to make such a power, a larger host or container is needed for cooling and endure the overheated, the higher power output, the larger the quipment comes into being. And 5000mw laser is powered enough to burn up most stuffs, get flammable substances ignited easily, it's still the best choice to gain high power laser power with great convenience.
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