Laser Pointer Burning Review & Witness

By Josh Edward | 26 December 2016 | 3 Comments

New Year fireworks, no lighter, no burning cigarettes, with a laser pointer in a few meters away from a "sweep" to light all, you believe it?

"light a match, cigarettes, firecrackers ... ... high-power laser pen can get all done," the Reviewer saw in the New Year, the high-power laser pen as a stimulus "toy" is very hot in the shopping site. A business shop claims that only need ordinary rechargeable batteries, you can light up cigarettes and firecrackers, with videos as evidence. In a local department store, the owner of a shop is showing with a laser pen to wear a black plastic garbage bags to prove the laser pen it's "extraordinary skill."

As Reviewer witnessed, the shoppers were not boasting about their products.The shopkeeper used it to burn through a black garbage bag. I saw the owner holding a laser pointer in one hand, the other hand slowly adjusting the head focus. When transferred to the right size as the owner thought,he pointed it at the black plastic bag. Just a few seconds, I saw the garbage bags slowly smoke up, pungent smoke diffuse away, the spot where the green laser focused , leaving a small hole in the plastic bag. The shopkeeper said: "If I point it a little longer, the flames will come out".

This high-power laser pen shape looks very similar to the LED (light-emitting diode) flashlight. Its function really so strong? Reviewer did the experiment: rotating the laser pointer lens, so that the light emitted from the focus. 16 cm away from the laser pen, the Reviewer will carefully move the match head to the laser beam, just the sound "pop" is heard, the match has been ignited instantly.

With Reviewer subsequent tests, found that the purchase of this high-power laser pen, 16 cm to 29 cm is the most easy distance to light matches. In this distance, as long as the match head of a touch of light, immediately ignited.
Then, how's "power" will work if more distant? Reviewers keep the match head about 2 meters away, it seems just a little paused for 2 seconds, just the sound "pop" is heard, the match was lit.
Similarly, an ordinary "fountain-style" fireworks, in 2 meters away is also easily ignited.

Subsequently, the Reviewer once again adjust the focus of the laser pointer, with red light from the laser pen 16 cm away from the cigarette.
Shopkeeper teach Reviewers the use of laser pen tips: "cigarette lighter, be sure to pinch the cigarette head harder, so it will be easier to light." Reviewers found that 2 seconds after the cigarette head began to "smoke" up, emitting the smell of burning cigarette. 10 seconds after the cigarette began to burn. If you stay for 30 seconds, cigarettes can be completely ignited.

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